With the beginning of spring, everyone wants to spend more time outdoor. You may take your family out for a full-day trip, you may want to enjoy jogging all along a lake or in the wood.

If you want to visit new places and explore some wildlife safely while doing physical activity, you should consider cycling. You can even travel onboard your bicycle and discover new places in a completely new way. You can also travel to foreign countries and enjoy your time like a true globetrotter. 

Cycling Tips For Serious Riders


Once you start visiting places by cycling, you won't stop that easily. It's all a lot of fun! And if you want to take cycling more seriously, you may want to prepare your body by using these effective and practical cycling hints.

As you may already know, cycling training requires a lot of dedication and effort, but it's always really worth especially if you aim to perform in a professional competition. The quality of your performance depends on the kind of training and time that you can dedicate to training, but it's also the result of good nutrition, equipment, hydration, and model of bicycle that you use. If you are ready to go, just get these useful hints before you start your next cycling adventure.

  1. Bike setting up
    A bike that isn't set up correctly will impact your entire cycling experience. It will also be more difficult for you to ride it. A specialist bike shop is an ideal place where you can find skilled people who can help you set your bike to fit your physical features, like height, length of your arms, legs, and more body features. The goal is to get your bike perfectly tailored to your body.

  2. Loads
    If you are going to enjoy an outdoor trip with your bike, you will surely take some load with you. Many people think that stuffing a backpack is the correct way to carry things by bike, but the truth is that you should carry your things directly on the bike, not on yourself. If it's a very light load, you may opt for a small backpack, but if you have something more to carry, look for a specific carrying system that fits your bike.

  3. Cycling equipment
    As a general rule of thumb, every good rider should be provided with a few important items. Good-level equipment can make all the difference in your cycling experience. So, make sure to get these items before you go for a cycling trip: bike helmet, cycling clothing, a basic kit of keys for quick repairs, tire levers, a pump, sunglasses (cycling sunglasses not fashion sunglasses!), a light bottle for water so you can hydrate yourself from time to time. You can get all these items at a specialist bike shop or you can buy them online.

  4. Clipless pedals
    These kinds of pedals are especially excellent for long trips. Clipless pedals help you experience a better cycling performance. If you are new to these items, you may want to start with toe-clips that are simpler to use for beginners. You'll surely feel the difference.

  5. Charge your body with energyfood
    Don't start a cycling adventure without charging your body with the right amount of energy. After a few miles, you will start feeling bad as you can't keep going. Although you may think that cycling is pretty relaxing, it's an energy-demanding sport that requires an abundant dose of energy available for your muscles. Take a carbohydrate drink with you along with some water that you can drink from time to time to refill your energy levels.

  6. Train gradually
    If you are going cycling for a long ride, make sure to train your muscles and the cardiovascular system gradually. Start with 30 minutes of cycling per day and increase 5-to-10 minutes until the desired timelapse for your ride. Consider that if your track includes climbing paths, you will need more energy while your training should increase a little slow to compensate for the effort for cycling on a hill.

  7. Muscle strength exercises
    Your training before a competition or a trip should involve also some exercises to build your muscle strength. Leg exercises and arm exercises should be accompanied by some stretching exercises. Add also a few back exercises to improve your back muscle flexibility.

You can find a lot of cycling training tips online as well as practical video tutorials by expert riders. Just take it easy and focus on what you love more about cycling with your family or friends.At menznow, you can get useful tips about fitness and health for men.

2021 Cheshire Race Day

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The Louis Neilson III Memorial Amateur Apprentice Timber
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